Portfolio characteristics

Benchmark agnostic*

We are committed to remaining unconstrained when searching for value-added investments.


Target industries which grow faster than GDP and allow companies to develop sustainable franchises.


No geographical biases but invest globally based upon wherever the best investment opportunities can be found.

Market cap

We run an all-cap fund strategy (with a market capitalisation minimum of $1 billion) although there has been a Large Cap ** bias.


We are patient long-term investors. Expected annually 30-60%

*The MSCI ACWI benchmark is used as a measure of relative performance over time.
** Large Cap means a company with a market capitalisation of $10 billion or more.

The above information is for illustrative and discussion purposes only and there is no guarantee that securities with these portfolio characteristics will be available.  It is not to be considered as investment advice or an offer of a particular security.
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