Firm overview

  Intermede is a fundamental research-led, long term orientated, global equity investment management company. Our focus is on building a portfolio of high quality growth companies that will reliably deliver compounding returns to our clients. The portfolio management team has extensive investment experience and a proven history of working together and delivering strong performance. As an independently owned and managed investment management company, the success of the firm is of paramount importance to us, our interests and assets are aligned with our clients.  
Ownership: Majority owned by the investment team. NAB Asset Management holds a minority stake in the company.
Investment process: Intensive, bottom-up, fundamental research driven

What differentiates us

Historical performance
Members of the Investment team have a long-term history of delivering solid investment results.
Proprietary investment approach
Has proven to be successful in all types of market conditions.
Focused investment strategy
Managing a single strategy – global equities.
Aligned business
Our interests and assets are aligned with our clients' to maximise returns.
A NAB Asset Management partner

Intermede Investment Partners is an independently owned and managed investment management company, strengthened by the support of NAB Asset Management.

NAB Asset Management is the specialist, direct investment management business of the NAB Group and is a minority stakeholder of Intermede Investment Partners.

The NAB Asset Management relationship enables us to reach clients globally and provide them access to our investment service, along with all the benefits of increased service flexibility provided by one of the world's top financial institutions.
The resources and support NAB Asset Management provides, allows us to remain focused on what we do best - manage global equities and provide our clients investment excellence.

National Australia Bank owns 40% of the shares in Intermede Investment Partners Limited, the remainder (60%) is owned by employees.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance and is no guarantee of future results or returns.



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